Rowan Mine Property

The Rowan Mine Property is comprised of 119 claims. A joint venture with Goldcorp includes 117 of these claims, and the other 2 claims are owned 100% by the Company. The joint venture claims are 60% owned by West Red Lake Gold and 40% owned by Goldcorp, and include 50 patented, 18 leased, and 49 staked claims. The property hosts two significant regional gold bearing structures which intersect near the former producing Rowan Mine. The Rowan Mine was in development from the late 1930s to the 1950s with mine workings consisting of a vertical shaft, three levels including an adit on the fist level, and underground exploration of drifting and raising along several gold zones.

The property lies within a regionally defined east-west trending regional gold bearing structure known as the Pipestone Bay-St Paul Deformation Zone. The prized Balmer-Confederation aged unconformity occurs both on the northern and southern portions of the Rowan Mine Property as are folded iron formations and ultramafic units that have been shown to be prime hosts for the deposition for gold in the Red Lake Gold District to depths exceeding 2000m. Another key geological feature is the NT Zone which strikes northeast on to the property from the neighboring Newman Todd Property operated by Confederation Minerals.

Rowan Mine Gold Zones  

The Rowan Mine Gold Zones has an established strike length of 1200m and remain open to depth.  The Rowan Mine Gold Zones have been explored to a depth of less than 500m and contain several high grade gold zones which are a primary target of exploration for expansion to depth.   

NT Zone

The NT Zone is adjacent to the Golden Arm Regional Structure and strikes northeast-southwest across the Rowan Mine Property for approximately 3km and onto the Confederation Minerals Newman Todd Property situated to the south. The width of the NT Zone is approximately 100m and contains several high grade gold zones. 

Structural Target

The intersection of the Pipestone Bay-St Paul Deformation Zone and the NT Zone occurs between 1km and 2km east of the Rowan Mine Shaft and presents a highly prospective exploration opportunity.     

Red Summit Mine Claims 

The Red Summit Mine claims consist of two patented claims due east of the Rowan Mine Gold System and are 100% owned by West Red Lake Gold Mines.