West Red Lake Project Overview

The 3100 hectare West Red Lake Project has 12km of strike length on the regional east-west trending Pipestone Bay-St Paul Deformation Zone. Three former gold mines are situated along the deformation zone on the Company property. The Mount Jamie Mine and the Red Summit Mine are owned 100% by West Red Lake Gold. The Rowan Mine is owned 60% by West Red Lake Gold and 40% by Goldcorp.

A second gold bearing regional structure, the NT Zone, trends northeast on to the property and intersects with the Pipestone Bay-St Paul Deformation Zone approximately 1km east of the former Rowan Mine.

Exploration work is focused on drilling high grade gold zones situated on the Rowan Mine property. The two key exploration targets are the Rowan Mine Zones and the structural intersection target situated 1km east of the Rowan Mine.
Geologically, the West Red Lake Project is situated at the west end of the Red Lake Gold District which is comprised of a series of six metavolcanic/metasedimentary supracrustal assemblages intruded by several bodies of variable size, form, and composition. All of the assemblages have undergone several phases of deformation and metamorphism. The rocks, of Mesoarchean and Neoarchean age, form part of the larger Uchi Subprovince of the Superior Province of the Canadian Shield. At least two major deformation events have affected the rocks of the Red Lake Gold District resulting in the generation of interference fold structures on all scales. Major gold deposits in the Red Lake Gold District are associated with regional scale deformation zones. The most significant deposits occur where two of the regional structures intersect.